Comm7 Rapid deployment
command center

NATO Stock number: 5411-58-000-5437 NCAGE A546G


Once on the ground, COMM7 only requires one operator to set it up. By pressing a button, the electro-hydraulic components deploy the side module walls and after securing the locking systems the unit is ready for use.

COMM7 comes fully equipped with integrated generator, battery pack, air conditioner, fuel-powered heater, interior lighting systems, plug-and-play communication systems platform, access control and functional office equipment.

Ballistic, NBC protection and many other features can be also implemented based on the client’s specific needs. Built and tested for extreme conditions, COMM7 is steady, reliable and safe to operate under any circumstances.




  • Able to withstand temperatures between -45 ° C and +40 ° C
  • Inside noise level <55 dB
  • Automatic heating and cooling system
  • Auto-pressurisation, dust and anti-fog system
  • Automatic dehumidification system
  • Upgradable to desert / tropics requirements




  • Automatic ventilation system for 0-10 people
  • Command posts (chair + desk) 10 people
  • LED ambience lighting
  • AV systems
  • Cabinetry
  • Weapon and equipment racks
  • Vault / safe
  • 6 m telescopic mast incl. antennas
  • Access control
  • External port for vehicle heater
  • Emergency power generator
  • Canopy / tarp for transportation & weather protection
  • Fire extinguishing equipment
  • Field engineer equipment
  • All connecting cables


Dimensions and features compliancy


  • ISO 830 cargo containers, the terminology
  • ISO 668 cargo containers, series 1, classification, dimensions and specifications
  • ISO 3874 cargo containers, series 1, handling and fastening
  • ISO 1496/1 cargo containers, series 1, specification and testing. Part 1: general cargo containers for general purposes


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