Comm7 Rapid deployment
command center

NATO Stock number: 5411-58-000-5437 NCAGE A546G


The same way COMM7 is easily deployed, it also can be efficiently evacuated. This logistics feature makes this command center agile and a powerful asset on the field. By being able to quickly move by land, railway and sea, COMM7 becomes a tactical communications hub that facilitates the coordination and execution of tasks anytime, anywhere.




COMM7 design also considers several different applications such as mobile clinics / surgical rooms, barracks, kitchens and more. COMM7 is  CSC-inspected (Container Safety Convention), which complies with international laws and facilitates deliveries around the world.




Since 1995, the Finnish Armed Forces have utilized Morehouse products in all peacekeeping operations carried out by NATO forces. This succesful collaboration has earned COMM7 NATO's approval and its very own stock number: 5411-58-000-5437 NCAGE A546G


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