Comm7 Rapid deployment
command center

NATO Stock number: 5411-58-000-5437 NCAGE A546G


COMM7 is a self powered, rapid electro-hydraulic deployment command center / communications hub. The fact that COMM7’s structure is based on a standard sea-container construction, makes it sturdy and easy to transport. A unique, proven electro-hydraulic self assembly makes this command center, the number one choice when deployment speed is of the utmost importance.


Transport: By land, railway and sea

Anchoring / lifting: Integrated hook lift

Deployment: On the ground as well as on top of a flatbed truck

Assembly requirements: One operator by the pressing of a button

Assembly time: Fully functional in less than 20 minutes


Environmental Compatibility

  • EN 60721-3-4 Stationary use at non-weather protected locations
  • EN 60721-3-3 Stationary use at weather protected locations
  • EN 60721-3-2 Transportation
build & tested